Creating profitable home-based businesses that can be run from anywhere!

ShopWorks bring together 25 years of business & ecommerce experience.

We are happy to say we now have websites and stores operating in over 7 different countries.

We are the only business in Australia that offers complete Home Business Solutions and ready-made eCommerce Website packages.

We work constantly to achieve results with sheer persistence through real life experiences with a natural flair for creativity, problem solving and above all, being unique. In the space of a few years, we have developed, managed, grown and sold over 100+ businesses at start-up and established stages.

We make it possible for anyone to own and operate their own successful Home Business and Online Store.

Most importantly we are Proudly 100% Australian Owned & Operated!

Our Sales Office, Our Support Centre, Our Staff and our Services are all located right here in Australia.

No overseas Support Services here!



Amy Simmons

Founder | Managing Director

Amy, the founder of ShopWorks, has over 25 years of experience in establishing, operating, expanding, and selling profitable online and e-commerce businesses. She is dedicated to assisting individuals with varying levels of experience in launching and managing new businesses, enabling them to achieve the same independence and adaptability she has attained as a prosperous business owner.

David Keely

Digital Economist & Project Manager

Meet David, a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur with an impressive track record of starting, growing, and selling businesses for the past three decades. Unlike many of his peers, David didn’t stumble upon the e-commerce industry by chance. He had a burning passion for entrepreneurship and started his journey by working for the retail giant Amazon. There, he learned the ropes of the industry from the top leaders and gained valuable insights into the workings of a successful business.

Eager to apply his newfound knowledge, David ventured out on his own and started several e-commerce ventures which quickly became a huge success. Over the years, he built and sold over 17 successful e-commerce businesses, each one more profitable than the last.

Using his degree in economics, David now enjoys spending his time researching the next ecommerce trends and mentoring the next generation of e-commerce entrepreneurs. He shares his knowledge and expertise with newbies, helping them avoid common pitfalls and navigate the complex world of e-commerce.

Jayda Meadow

Account Manager

With more than two decades of experience in marketing, advertising, and customer experience under her belt.

Jayda’s unwavering focus on the customer is an integral part of her identity. She takes immense pride in equipping clients with the tools they need to understand their target audience’s needs, preferences, and buying habits, ensuring that their online businesses are optimized for success and generating sales.

In 2012, Jayda embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, successfully launching her own start-up. Her drive and passion to impart her knowledge and expertise to others, empowering them to achieve their financial goals and gain financial independence, are a true testament to her character.

Carrol Michayla

Business Manager

Carrol is a highly accomplished business professional, renowned for driving growth and success for small businesses across diverse industries.

With over 10 years of experience in account management, Carrol’s passion for building strong client relationships is evident in her exceptional customer service. She is a skilled communicator who can easily connect with people from different backgrounds.

When she’s not busy with her professional endeavors, Carrol indulges in her love for fitness and wellness. She enjoys practicing yoga, running, and exploring new hiking trails. Her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle extends to her community, where she volunteers her time and expertise to promote wellness programs and events.

Trish Casey

Business Manager

With over 12 years of experience in Business and Marketing, Trish is a valuable asset to the ShopWorks team. She takes great pleasure in helping individuals achieve their dreams and goals by creating successful businesses in the digital landscape.

Trish’s wealth of knowledge in website platforms and social media marketing stems from establishing her own online business over 10 years ago. Her expertise can be leveraged to help direct your business towards the path of success.

Trish’s empathetic and uplifting approach to coaching enables her to relate to the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship. She can provide guidance and support to help you navigate the twists and turns of running a business, backed by her own experiences.

Alex Harris

Business Manager

A passionate and straightforward Business and Rapid Results Coach who has spent decades honing his craft.

Alex specializes in helping clients reach their full potential using proven coaching techniques, empathy, humor, and relentless encouragement.

Alex is no stranger to entrepreneurship and the challenges that come with it. As a successful online business owner, He’s intimately familiar with the fears, doubts, and self-belief hurdles that entrepreneurs often face. Through his own experiences, Alex has gained an in-depth understanding of all relevant business software and platforms, including WordPress and Shopify.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting, Alex has the expertise and passion to help you succeed. With he guidance, you’ll learn how to develop an abundance mindset, overcome your limiting beliefs, and achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

James Ryder

Senior Web Developer

With decades of experience in website development and theme creation, James has a track record of building thousands of websites to date. His expertise spans across various technologies including PHP, jQuery, CSS, and more, to guarantee optimal efficiency for your website.

Rebecca Phelps

Client Support

Rebecca is an invaluable member of our team, working closely with our Business managers to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for new clients, handling client inquiries and providing support through our help desk. With a deep knowledge of social media management, digital marketing, and administration, Moira takes great pride in assisting clients with their marketing, creative, and social media needs.

Furthermore, Rebecca is known for her creativity, playing an integral role in assisting David with new business names and developing fresh ideas to propel our clients’ success. Her passion for helping businesses thrive makes her an essential asset to our team.

Tia Morley


With extensive experience in providing general administration support and customer service for global organizations, Tia has become adept in various aspects of these fields.

She possesses several years of hands-on experience working with various eCommerce platforms, such as WordPress and Shopify.


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