ShopWorks builds and sells ready-made niche researched ecommerce businesses. After we’ve completed our research, we create a great domain name and build a website around it.

Once a customer chooses their business and joins ShopWorks, we work with the client to ensure they feel confident moving forward. ShopWorks provides a step by step ecommerce consulting and training program. During the consulting process we go over every area we know you need to be trained in to run a successful ecommerce business.

We also offer custom website packages. This is where you come to us with your idea or concept and we take your idea from conception to completion. We essentially build for you a complete ready-made business in a box based on your idea.

After you’re all setup and earning revenue, we still provide 24/7 support so you are not left out in the cold. For as long as you’re a ShopWorks customer, we are here to help.

All businesses cost money to get started and maintain. Here is an estimate:

Website hosting: We have partnered with and for the first 12 months we provide you with free web hosting. After 12 months, the cost of web hosting is $114.95/year

Web hosting is the foundation on which your business (website) sits. A website cannot exist without web hosting.

Domain Name: The domain name for your website costs $9.98/year

Free Call Number (optional): up to $120 per year

Address / P O Box (optional): $80+ a year

Marketing & Advertising: you set your budget for this but we recommend spending at least $350 to $550 per week.

The difference with marketing money is the more you invest, the better your return should be. The more customers visit your store, the more sales & revenue you will make.

ShopWorks offers a free consultation. During this period we review your site choices and give you feedback and suggestions on a good internet business for you based on your lifestyle, availability, background, and passions. To schedule a free phone consultation, simply contact us.

No, we teach from a very basic level. We expect that our clients have little to no experience running an internet business. The ShopWorks Training Hub will take you through every aspect of owning and running your new ecommerce business.

No, if you do not wish to store products, an option is drop shipped products, which means you hold no inventory. All of your products are shipped directly from the manufacturer. Our supplier directory which contains 5.5 million products offers the option for drop-shipping or to carry stock, the choice is yours. Once the business is yours, you are able to add or delete products on the site as you see fit.

With each ShopWorks business, depending on your package, you will receive direct training with your dedicated project manager. ShopWorks works one on one with you taking you through every aspect of setting up, running, and growing your online business. The mentoring process touches on every area a first time online business owner needs to be proficient in to run a successful ecommerce business. It is our goal to help you become an online business success.

Training is done via the phone, email, and video calls (Zoom, GoogleMeet etc.) . We work at your pace during the consulting process. You will also have access to ShopWorks Training Hub. In the Hub, you will be able to check your steps, additional learning materials, resources, webinars, etc. By having this access it allows you additional training that you can do on your own.

Our Training Hub offers an all-encompassing program designed to provide everything you need to establish and manage your own eCommerce business. From initial setup and legal registration to selecting web hosting and leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, we cover the foundational aspects to get you started. We delve into sourcing suppliers, product selection, and setting up your company email, ensuring you’re well-prepared to handle the logistical aspects of your business.

The training continues with website fundamentals, including creating a user-friendly site, optimizing for search engines (SEO), and implementing essential Google tools. We explore the entire process of preparing your website for launch, including tests to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Social media mastery is a significant focus, teaching you how to set up, grow, and automate your social media presence for maximum engagement and reach. Additionally, we offer comprehensive marketing training, covering targeted audience identification, Facebook and Google ads, email marketing, influencer partnerships, and content creation, ensuring you know how to attract and retain customers effectively.

Our advanced modules tackle topics like advanced SEO techniques, Google Analytics, improving sales, and managing abandoned carts, aiming to enhance your site’s performance and conversion rates.

Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of mindset in entrepreneurship, offering guidance on vision creation, emotional resilience, and overcoming obstacles, alongside practical advice on website management and useful business tools for tasks like accounting and design sourcing.

In summary, our Training Hub is a one-stop-shop for aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs, providing the knowledge, strategies, and tools required to launch, run, and grow a successful online store.

It all comes down to the amount of orders you receive and if you’re holding stock. For drop shipping, it is approx 3-15 hours a week. If you’re holding stock, you need to factor in the time required to process those items.

As soon as we have secured the suppliers and loaded in the products, you can start marketing the site right away! This could take 2-8 weeks depending on the product information upload time frame.

You do, and ShopWorks gives you the tools to do so. During the Training Process we teach you how to work the back end, check orders, add categories, add content, add pages, etc. The only area we don’t consult on is web design. We do not go over coding, how to design sites, how to change the design on your site, etc. You will need a web designer to do this part.

You will find it is very easy to work the back end. That is why we choose this particular cart. It’s very user friendly and extremely easy to use. If you need changes to your design you would contact your designer.

Drop shipping is quite a simple process. Once you get an order from a customer on your ShopWorks designed website, you send it to your vendor. The customer paid for the order and the shipping when placed with your website. The vendor will then fill the order and ship it directly to your customer. The vendor charges your credit card on file. This process allows you to hold no inventory and run your business from anywhere in the world that you have a phone, computer and internet connection.

Within 24 hours, ShopWorks will provide you with access to the Training Hub.

Of course! ShopWorks encourages our clients to continue to grow and expand their vendor list, as well as, their product collections. During the training process, we teach you how to research, contact and work with new vendors as you grow your business. We show you how to find new products and suppliers without having to attend trade shows.

ShopWorks DOES NOT charge you any additional fees. We do not make any money from your advertising costs and we do not make any money from the suppliers you choose.

ShopWorks charges a one time fee for the purchase of the business. This is the only source of income we receive from our clients.

No, everything you need is built into the admin area of your website.

ShopWorks will set up your Facebook & Instagram accounts for you. Upon purchase of the business, ShopWorks will transfer the ownership of the accounts to you.

Yes, we offer finance via Jacaranda Finance. Click on the Easy Finance button in the menu to find out more.



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