E-Commerce Platform Website

Your acquisition includes a turnkey website constructed on a third-party service (Shopify or WordPress). Please be aware that Shopworks is not responsible for any issues that arise from the use of these platforms.

The purchase price covers the website with its existing functionalities. Any additional features requested beyond what is provided at the time of sale are not included and may lead to additional costs at our discretion. Should modifications made by you result in functionality issues, we may charge for the repairs needed. It’s important to note that Shopify websites are provided “as is,” without the possibility for modifications, due to the platform’s limitations.

Tailored Online Store Design

Opting for a tailor-made store enables you to influence the design, choosing from our selection of layouts (mirroring our existing stores for sale), logos (with up to six variations), and a color scheme that aligns with your brand vision.

This personalized approach includes a single iteration of revisions. Should you request additional alterations post this initial round, they may be subject to extra charges at our discretion. The development of a custom-designed store typically spans up to two weeks. The timeline of your package activation aligns with the completion date of your site’s construction.

Branding and Website Visuals

Your package encompasses all visual elements on the website, including the logo. Should you need a separate copy of your logo, feel free to reach out to us. It’s important to note that the content currently populating your website serves as placeholder text, awaiting customization by you, the new owner. We strongly recommend updating key sections such as the “About Us,” Terms & Conditions, and the “Contact” information with your own business details to personalize your site.

Domain Registration and Transfer Process

For WordPress-based sites, the transfer of both your website and its domain name will be facilitated by us directly to your control after you establish an account with Site Ground.

For those utilizing Shopify, domain registration and management must be carried out through our dedicated Training Hub. You’ll find the necessary steps for domain purchase and setup prominently featured in the top bar section labeled “domains.”

Email Marketing Tool Integration

We will configure and integrate a promotional form on your website, offering a discount of 5-10% to visitors. This feature will be implemented using Klaviyo, a leading email marketing platform comparable to MailChimp.

Klaviyo is engineered to automatically send reminder emails to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts after registering their information through your site’s form. This strategic integration aims to enhance customer engagement and increase conversion rates by re-capturing the interest of potential buyers.

Automated Email Notifications

Your site is equipped with automated email responses that notify both you and your customers upon the placement and fulfillment of orders. It’s important to note that the system is not set up for direct order forwarding to your suppliers; this step must be managed manually by you, in accordance with each supplier’s specific ordering process, which is beyond our control.

Additionally, we provide three pre-designed email templates for use within Klaviyo, enhancing your autoresponder functionality. These templates are accessible through our Training Hub, specifically within the Email Marketing section, to streamline your communication and improve customer experience.

Pre-Launch Website Assessment

Certain packages feature a comprehensive review of your website before its official launch. This critical evaluation is conducted by our experienced management team, culminating in detailed video feedback. This feedback will be directly emailed to you, providing insights and recommendations to refine your store’s readiness for its public debut. This process ensures that you receive expert guidance on optimizing your website’s performance and user experience prior to launch.

Access to Supplier Resources

Within our Training Hub, you’ll find a dedicated link to our extensive supplier database. This resource is particularly beneficial for those with Starter or Silver packages, serving as a starting point for identifying and sourcing your product suppliers. This database is designed to streamline the process of finding reliable suppliers, ensuring you have the necessary support to establish and grow your product offerings.

Supplier Coordination Support

For our Gold and Diamond package holders, we facilitate the process of connecting you with suppliers. However, due to legal and privacy reasons, the setup of business accounts with these suppliers will require your direct involvement. You’ll need to provide your personal information, such as name, address, and date of birth, and formally apply for an account with each supplier through their respective websites.

We’ll equip you with the necessary contact details for the suppliers we’ve identified as a match for your store. Our team is on hand to assist further within the scope of your package’s offerings, though there is a limit to the extent of this support.

Managing relationships with a minimal number of suppliers is advisable, typically between one to three, unless your business model involves holding inventory. We generally limit the supplier introductions to five, tailored to your niche, to streamline operations.

Access to our broader supplier database is available should you need to expand your supplier list. However, it’s important to note that supplier approval is not guaranteed and remains at the discretion of each supplier.

In instances where securing suppliers proves challenging, we’re prepared to help pivot your business model towards an alternative strategy, bearing in mind that any such adjustments may incur additional costs.

Email Assistance Availability

Our packages include dedicated email support, detailed within our Training Center. We strive to respond within 48 hours, but please be aware that we limit correspondence to no more than 10 emails per client each week. To ensure quality support for all our clients, we may not respond to more than 5 emails per week from a single client.

Given the high volume of inquiries we receive daily, we kindly ask for your patience and consideration when reaching out to our Support Manager. This policy helps us manage our workload effectively and ensures we can provide timely and helpful responses to all our clients.

Curated Product Recommendations

Your designated Client Service Manager will personally send you an email containing a list of the top 10 products within your specific niche. This curated selection is designed to help you identify and prioritize offerings that have the potential to perform well in your market, providing a solid foundation for your product strategy.

Product Upload Guidelines

Included in our service packages, we support the uploading of simple and basic products without multiple variations. For products with variations, we offer to upload up to 600 due to the increased effort involved.

You are responsible for providing detailed information for each product, including names, prices, descriptions, and high-quality images, typically available from the supplier’s website. If the content provided by the supplier does not meet your standards, you will need to source or adjust the images and descriptions accordingly before submission to us.

For the upload process, a CSV file from your supplier is essential. It’s your task to obtain this file post-supplier approval. In cases where a CSV file is unavailable, we can proceed with manual uploads, though this method is significantly more time-consuming.

For those utilizing AliExpress as a supplier, be aware that any associated plugin or add-on costs will be your responsibility due to ongoing fees. Additionally, using AliExpress may result in a reduction of your allotted product uploads by half because of the detailed attention required for product adjustments.

When you’re prepared for the product upload phase, please communicate the specific categories you wish to have uploaded to our team. Also, if your supplier maintains an online inventory list, forwarding us the link will enable us to keep your inventory synchronized through a paid plugin.

Client Assistance and Technical Support

We provide comprehensive client support and access to our help desk for all customers throughout the duration of their package. Our team is committed to addressing your inquiries within 48 hours from Monday to Friday, ensuring you receive timely assistance.

For immediate concerns related to your website, we have a structured support process in place:

WordPress Users: Please log in to Onward Web Hosting and submit a support ticket. Our specialized team will address your issue promptly.

This structured approach allows us to effectively manage and resolve any technical issues, ensuring your website operates smoothly.

Online Learning Resource

Our Online Training Centre is a comprehensive digital platform accessible anytime, offering you an extensive suite of video tutorials and resources for up to three years following your purchase. This platform is meticulously designed to guide you through every phase of starting your business, from foundational concepts to operational strategies. It is imperative to progress through the Training Centre’s modules in a sequential manner, ensuring you’ve fully absorbed each step before proceeding to launch your store. This structured approach is crucial for laying a solid groundwork for your business, positioning you for success in the competitive online marketplace.

Client Update Communications

To ensure you remain at the forefront of eCommerce developments and insights, we dispatch frequent newsletters directly to your inbox. These updates are designed to inform you about the latest supplier partnerships, enhancements to the Training Hub, and other pertinent information that can impact your online business. Staying informed through these newsletters will help you leverage new opportunities and adapt to changes within the eCommerce landscape, ultimately supporting the growth and evolution of your business.

Personalized Coaching and Mentoring Services

Our packages include the exclusive benefit of one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions via Skype or Zoom, offering a platform for video, screen sharing, and voice communication directly from your computer. These sessions are tailored to provide intensive business coaching and elite mentoring, focusing on a variety of topics relevant to your online business success:

Session Duration: Each one-on-one session lasts up to 30 minutes.
Non-Transferable: Sessions are strictly for the package holder and cannot be paused or transferred. Unused sessions within your package’s validity period will not be carried over.
Advance Booking: Appointments must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, with a requirement for at least 12 hours’ notice should you need to cancel, to avoid losing a session from your allocated allowance.
Scope of Discussion: Feel free to explore a wide range of topics, including product selection, supplier relations, website optimization, email marketing strategies, and social media engagement. Note, however, that advertisement training is not covered in these sessions.

Important Booking Information:

You must initiate booking your coaching sessions using the provided link; our coaches will not proactively contact you for scheduling.
These coaching services are intended solely for the business owner. If you wish for someone else to join a session, please inform your Business Coach beforehand.

This personalized approach ensures you receive focused, strategic guidance tailored to your specific business needs, helping to accelerate your path to success in the eCommerce realm.

Social Media Setup Guidance

Due to the guidelines set by Facebook and Instagram, we’re unable to directly create your business accounts and social media pages for you. Nevertheless, our Training Hub includes comprehensive tutorials designed to guide you through the process of setting up these vital accounts on your own.

Should you encounter any challenges while establishing your social media presence, we encourage you to take advantage of the Group Coaching sessions included in your package. These sessions are an excellent resource for receiving personalized assistance and answers to any queries you might have about social media or other aspects of your business development.

Digital Marketing Skills Enhancement

Within our Training Hub, you will find dedicated modules for both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and email marketing strategies. These comprehensive training segments are crafted to equip you with the skills necessary to effectively optimize your website for search engines and to execute impactful email marketing campaigns. By engaging with these modules, you’ll gain valuable insights into driving organic traffic to your site and nurturing leads through targeted email communications, essential components for the growth and success of your online business.

Remarketing Campaign Setup

Facebook, depending on which platform best aligns with your marketing strategy and compliance requirements. Recent updates to Facebook’s regulations have led to some accounts facing restrictions. To mitigate this, we offer the alternative of setting up your remarketing campaign through Adroll should any complications arise with Facebook.

The initial setup of your Facebook Meta Business account falls under your purview to prevent any potential restrictions, as third-party access can sometimes trigger security flags. Our Training Hub includes detailed instructions to guide you through this setup process seamlessly.

For the actual creation and implementation of your remarketing ad, we collaborate with a specialized external agency to ensure your campaign is crafted expertly, targeting previous visitors to your website and encouraging them to return and complete their purchase.

Google Ad setup & Management

For those who opt for our Diamond package, we offer an exclusive service for setting up and managing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads through Google Shop, with the management duration being three months for Diamond package holder. This service encompasses the initial setup of necessary Google tools, detailed in our Training Centre, which must be completed alongside all other preparatory steps and product uploads before we can proceed with your ad campaign.

To deliver professional and efficient ad management, we partner with specialized external agencies. Detailed information about this process and how to engage with it will be shared with you once you’re prepared to initiate your advertising efforts.

It’s important to acknowledge that while we strive to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, the inherent variability of marketing and advertising means we cannot promise specific financial outcomes from the conducted advertising activities.